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Gearing up for the September 6 release of my new book, this website is being redesigned at the moment by the wonderful Nancy Freeborn. I’m still in the pupa stage yet feel those unfurling butterfly wings in my stomach. Grateful for very thoughtful pre-publication support from writers and scientists: “The idea that science is something for a caste of high priests to attend to is simply wrong: Science is all around us, and we each can revel in its pleasures and processes. This is a lovely, empowering narrative.” —Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth “What an extraordinary book! Mary Ellen Hannibal weaves together natural history, cutting-edge technology, and her own adventures into a story that is

Stand By Me

Maybe it’s because the word refers to the ultimate oblivion, or maybe it’s because most of us think of polar bears stranded on melting icebergs when we hear about “extinction,” but many of us assume the curtailing of life forever is a remote phenomenon. But local extinction happen in our backyards. Populations of species are diminishing in our counties, our parks, our “open spaces,” our states, the continent, and yes in far off places as well. Stanford researchers adding up where and how much extinction is taking a toll on life rather unpoetically call it ‘Anthropocene defaunation.” The word ‘anthropocene’ puts a sharp point on the human pressures causing extinction of species other than Hom

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