Dream So Real

Documentary photography trains its shutter on the “real,” capturing things as they are in a specific moment in time – and that’s what makes it often seem unreal to me, and even more intriguing. Whatever else is going on here on this Earth, time is ticking by and making changes, changes, changes. Look at a Robert Frank photo from the fifties and you will see a world that is so close to ours and yet microscopically, mammothly apart. Hair style, facial affect, furniture – every minute between then and now the details have calibrated away from a norm and developed into another one. Which is one reason why Ken Light’s photographs in Valley of Shadows and Dreams are so vertiginous. This book, publ

National Association of Science Writing Award—Science and Society

This very nice piece of news came out of the blue — I won this award with Emilie Ostlund, another writer, and Joe Riis, a photographer for a special issue of High Country News. Emilie and Joe basically went on the Path of the Pronghorn over the course of two years — my contribution is a piece about where policy and legislation are vis a vis wildlife movement. Read here.

Boxes of Books

Books do furnish a room. Oh boy, there is nothing like two covers. I had to waste a bunch of time today re-reading words I know so well I mumble them in my sleep. Will anyone else read them? Will nature be saved? Do I have “boundary” issues with Gaia? (This is a conservation biology joke. Oxymoron.)

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